Pet secret monthly box November

Hello girls!
Another month I show you the monthly box PET SECRET with which Xandy and I put on the sea ​​of ​​happy :-), also this month the box is solidaria 100% will be allocated to associations and protectors.
pet secret
 pet secret
And I teach you everything what it brings !!
BAGS EXCREMENTS ; With these bags you can easily remove your dog's feces on the street or in the park. They have very nice drawings!
BIOZOO - Return Ball; is a natural rubber ball with return. It incorporates a wristband to throw the ball and with an adapted rubber we will always have it in our hands. Ha Xandy loves sometimes I laughed at her because she is not able to catch the ball and other times she from me because she takes it off and carries me by the wrist :-)
BIOZOO - Ball Return Dogs
MHIMS - Chicken & Vegetables; is a complete dog food. Mhims is a natural and healthy moist food that is cooked with juice of its own meat. This is already sent in another box and he loves it.
MHIMS - Chicken & Vegetables dogs
BIOGANCE - Protein Plus; shampoo of frequent use, enriched with wheat proteins for greater detangling effect, protection and strength in the coat. With moisturizing and softening properties, its balanced Ph cleans and moisturizes the upper layers of the epidermis. Leaves hair soft, shiny and easy to handle.
BIOGANCE - Protein Plus
DINGO - Adult & Daily; Complete, natural and balanced food for dogs with normal activity.Reward your dog with a healthy and natural product.
Prepared in the same way as our food, it has an excellent palatability and they have been produced only using their own juices, without meat flours, without dehydrated materials, without gluten and without cereals. Only 85% meat and 15% tofu.
ALPHA SPIRIT - Snacks dogs

Snack that you see has not lasted anything 🙂

dog snack
german shepherd
german shepherd
This box has a price of € 10, you can cancel it when you want and also this month is Solidarity.
What do you think of this monthly pet box? Do you buy the Pet secret ?